ISO 9001

Certified ISO 9001 since 2005 Signifies Kamek as a choice Industry Supplier of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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AS 9100

Certified AS 9100 since 2005 - Kamek an Aerospace Industry Supplier of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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ISO 13485

Certified ISO 13485 Signifies Kamek as a choice Industry Supplier of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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ISO/TS 16949

ISO/TS 16949 - 2009-2017 - Automotive Quality Certification since 2005 Kamek an Automotive Industry Supplier of Choice for Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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Precision Military Components Means, Meeting the Exacting Standards

Plastic military components must adhere to very strict standards for product quality and project confidentiality.

An experienced part specialist that has worked with the military sector for over ten years, Kamek is a proven reliable partner to the defense industry.

High Quality Plastic Injection Molding of Military Components

The need for precision parts exists in all industries, but is especially important for military applications.

As a military component manufacturer, Kamek has an in-depth knowledge of the defense industry and its unique requirements:

  • At one time the U.S. military started moving toward the use of commercial standards like ISO 9000 (Q9000), but military standards are still used in many specifications for military components.
    • In some cases the military standards exceed ISO standards.
    • Kamek has experience working with and meeting all military standards.
  • Military products are often used in extreme conditions, requiring special design considerations.
    • With its expertise in custom spec parts, Kamek can meet the exacting specifications associated with military components.
  • Military devices can present technical challenges.
    • Kamek can meet these challenges through its own proprietary equipment and partnerships with leading global parts and tools suppliers.
  • As in many industries, military electronic components are becoming lighter, smaller and stronger. Kamek applies its wide breadth of related industry knowledge to its military components.
    • From the additional expertise in electronics from working in the automotive industry and aerospace industry, we have the skills required to create exceptional military components.

Audit and Quality Controls for Military Components

Audit controls are critical to all military projects. We have hands-on experience with military contracts.

The technology developed in-house increases our production controls, allowing us to respond quickly to military audits and guarantee confidentiality.

Our quality controls are clearly seen in our ISO 9001/2008, AS 9100, ISO 13485 certifications and TS 16949 compliance.

Additional Services for Military Components

In addition to precision injection moldings, we provide many other value-added services for the military.

We offer complete engineering support for design and manufacturing. With our assembly and secondary operations we can assemble, label and package all military components.

Leading Edge Technology for Military Components

Military assemblies are intricate, requiring maximum functionality in progressively smaller components.

Kamek's expertise in micro molding ensures precision and quality in every part.

Our proprietary technology and state of the art facilities enable us to save time and money in production of plastic materials.

With a wide range of experience in custom injection molding, we are well-equipped to handle projects of tremendous complexity and assure the complete satisfaction of our customers.

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