ISO 9001

Certified ISO 9001 since 2005 Signifies Kamek as a choice Industry Supplier of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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AS 9100

Certified AS 9100 since 2005 - Kamek an Aerospace Industry Supplier of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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ISO 13485

Certified ISO 13485 Signifies Kamek as a choice Industry Supplier of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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ISO/TS 16949

ISO/TS 16949 - 2009-2017 - Automotive Quality Certification since 2005 Kamek an Automotive Industry Supplier of Choice for Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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Micro Molding In-House with High Speed Machines, Means Small Complex Parts Faster, Using Less Resin

For today's industries, the ability to do more with less is essential.

Cost and production efficiency are critical to maintaining a competitive edge.

At the same time, technical demands for smaller components have become the norm across a wide range of industries like telecommunications and semiconductor products.

The need for efficiencies in the manufacture of these tiny complex parts is greater than ever.

Kamek's micromolding technology maximizes efficiencies to save production time and lower costs for you.

  • You get more parts per pound of resin than with conventional micro molding equipment.
    • This is to your advantage, especially when your part is made of an expensive engineering resin and no regrind is allowed!
  • No degrading of heat sensitive resins.
    • The residual time of the resin in the injection unit of our small high precision micromolding machine is only a fraction of a conventional molding machine.
  • More economical tooling and reduced lead time.
    • No cams or slides are required in the mold as the slides are part of the machine.
  • What this means to you as a customer is that you don't have to pay for this cost in your tooling.
    • An additional cost saving is realized because you do not have to pay for a mold base - only for the cavity block.
  • Shorter setup time than with conventional micro molding machines.
    • For many molds it is less than 15 minutes.
  • Ability to mold extremely complex parts not possible on conventional micro molding equipment.

Expertise Creating Micro-precision Components in Thermoplastics

Kamek is a full-service plastics manufacturing company with expertise in creating the challenging plastic components known to present difficulties to other plastics manufacturers.

We have developed our own proprietary solutions to the complex geometries presented by these tiny micro-molded parts.

Our plastic injection molding equipment uses the best technology available.

Combined with our expert knowledge of resins, our machinery enables us to create the smallest injection molded part sizes with great precision and very little waste.

Micro Molded Parts :

Micro Molding for A Wide Range of Markets and Industries

Kamek serves many market bases, from removable memory modules to automotive applications.

You will find Kamek micromolded parts just about everywhere: