ISO 9001

Certified ISO 9001 since 2005 Signifies Kamek as a choice Industry Supplier of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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AS 9100

Certified AS 9100 since 2005 - Kamek an Aerospace Industry Supplier of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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ISO 13485

Certified ISO 13485 Signifies Kamek as a choice Industry Supplier of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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ISO/TS 16949

ISO/TS 16949 - 2009-2017 - Automotive Quality Certification since 2005 Kamek an Automotive Industry Supplier of Choice for Custom Plastic Injection Molding

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Aerospace and Satellite Plastic Components Injection Molding Industry Solutions

AS 9100 Certified - Complex specifications are the norm in the aerospace industry and related fields like satellite systems manufacturing.

Kamek has the skills, equipment and experience to manufacture aerospace plastic components that adhere to the industry's stringent technical specifications while helping clients lower costs and improve product quality.

Valuable Experience and Cost Savings for Aerospace Plastic Components

At Kamek, our goal is to help our clients create better products for less.

Here are just two examples of our achievements in this area:

  • In manufacturing aircraft components we streamlined the assembly process involved in attaching a lens to another part.
    • Using our overmolding know-how, we were able to consolidate this two-part process into one step, saving the client time and money.
  • Satellite parts are intricate and complex.
    • To help our client reduce production and assembly time and lower expenses, we again used overmolding to eliminate extra steps from the manufacturing process.
    • Instead of a 3-part component that had to be meticulously machined and assembled, we integrated all of the parts into a single component.

Specialized Industry Knowledge Makes Better Aerospace Plastic Components

The parts required by the aerospace sector must be able to withstand rigorous demands and extremes in temperature.

We produce durable, stable and high-quality aerospace plastic components.

  • Detailed knowledge of the properties of polymers and elastomers is essential to successful production of aerospace plastic components.
    • Our engineers have the expertise to select materials that offer the strength, low friction and temperature stability required in aircraft components.
  • The aerospace industry uses plastic because of its high strength-to-weight ratios.
    • The smaller components used in the industry require precision plastic injection molding.
    • Our expertise in overmolding and micromolding ensure that all aerospace plastic components, from the simplest to the most complex, are of extremely high quality.
  • Our proprietary technology allows for rapid prototyping using a diverse range of engineering plastics. We are also equipped to handle small or large volume runs.

High Production Standards Are Maintained Through Reliable Quality Control Processes

Our commitment to quality is seen throughout our manufacturing plant, where we assure product quality at every stage of design and manufacturing.

  • Statistical Process Control monitors are present on every molding machine to evaluate processes and ensure consistent high quality.
  • Continuing education opportunities for all personnel ensure that we maintain our high levels of expertise in components design and production.
  • High production standards and quality controls are assured by our AS, TS and ISO certifications.
  • Efficiencies realized in our part shops by our use of ERP, Kanban and JIT are passed onto customers in the form of higher quality aerospace plastic components and lower costs.

Aerospace :

High Efficiency Production of Aerospace Plastic Components

What are the traits you need in your aerospace plastic components manufacturer. Professional service?

  • Leading edge tools and technology.
  • An unwavering commitment to quality.
  • Kamek has all of these and more.

Contact us to learn more about aerospace plastic components and the manufacture of satellite components.